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This clinic series is designed to give you a full body workout program with a focus on arguably the most important muscles in your body, THE GLUTES. With a bigger emphasis on injury prevention than aesthetics, our series will build Strong glutes. These are crucial for injury prevention because they play a significant role in stabilizing and supporting the lower back, hips, and pelvis.

Our Small Group Training Made Personal

Why Choose Our Small Group Training?

LOWER BACK STRENGTH: The gluteus maximus, the largest of the glute muscles, helps maintain the proper alignment of the pelvis and spine. When it's strong, it can prevent excessive arching or rounding of the lower back during activities, reducing the risk of lower back injuries and pain.

HIP STABILITY: The gluteus medius and minimus, located on the sides of the pelvis, contribute to hip stability. Weakness in these muscles can lead to poor hip control, which may result in hip, knee, or ankle injuries during activities like running, jumping, or changing direction quickly.

KNEE HEALTH: Strong glutes can indirectly protect the knees by promoting proper alignment and reducing the risk of knee injuries, such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. They help prevent excessive knee valgus (inward movement) during activities like squatting or landing from a jump.

IMPROVED POSTURE: Strong glutes help maintain good posture, which reduces the risk of overuse injuries due to poor body mechanics. By preventing an excessive forward tilt of the pelvis, strong glutes can alleviate strain on the lower back and other supporting structures.

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS: Strong glutes are essential for daily activities like standing up from a chair, walking, climbing stairs, and lifting objects. They make these movements more efficient and reduce the risk of injury during everyday tasks.

ENHANCED BALANCE: Well-developed glutes provide better balance and stability, reducing the likelihood of falls and injuries, especially in older adults.


All of our classes have a maximum of four participants, meaning you still get expert coaching but for a fraction of the price. Each participant will have their own equipment for the duration of the session.

All participants have their own: 1. Barbell & bench 2. Glute bands, dumbbells & cable stack (with attachments) 3. Mat & towel

We offer the following classes:

Glutes Camp

Glutes, Glutes & more GLUTES! This class focuses on your posterior chain. With exercises such as the hip thrust, deadlift, kickbacks rows & lat pull downs! We will be hitting them glutes, hamstrings and back muscles! This class is for anyone serious about building bigger glutes & those needing to strengthen that posterior chain!

Full Body


This a full body strength workout! Incorporating all of the big exercises such as hip thrusts, deadlifts, squats, lunges, rows and presses! This is a full body functional workout that is essential for injury prevention and good posture. Our focus is on exercise mastery, injury prevention & building strength in all the right places!

Glutes & Core

This workout focuses primarily on the glute & core. This is class will help strengthen your lumbo-pelvic structure, reduce lower back pain & improve your hip stability. If you find yourself struggling with a lower back pain or poor posture, then this class is the one for you!

Please advise your trainer of any injuries or concerns you may have and these can be addressed for the session!
All participants have their own: - Barbell & bench - Glute bands, dumbbells & cable stack (with attachments) - Mat & towel


Free Consultation

This will give us a chance to meet each other & we will discuss what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve that goal & most importantly, how we are going to do it.

Fitness Assessment

We will do a posture assessment, mobility assessments & a functional movement screening. This will help identify any muscular imbalances, mobility issues or limitations that may need addressing in order to achieve your goal.

Nutritional Guidance

We will analyze your current eating habits & address any gaps missing from your nutrition. We will focus on foods that you enjoy eating & that will help fuel your body with the nutrients you need to succeed.

Customized Plan

Your program is designed specifically for you. You will progress quickly & safely, with each phase of training designed to push you one step closer to your goal.


Feedback is essential if we are going to reach your goal. We will ensure you perform the skills correctly, we will hold you accountable & we will strive for success. Your feedback is also essential, this helps us improve what we do!

Progressive Training


We will hold you accountable & consistently push you to achieve more. Your training will adapt to keep pushing towards your goal as you become stronger, with every phase of training building on the previous to ensure optimal results.

Exercise Mastery

We will start by teaching you the foundational movements & prepare the body for the change ahead. We will ensure not only that you execute the skill safely, but also that you understand the skill & why we are doing it.

Corrective Exercises

From the results of our assessments, we will focus on correcting any areas of weakness or imbalances. This will ensure a solid foundation, allowing you to perform exercises correctly & minimizing the risk of injury.

What Are Your Goals?

Injury Rehabilitation

Our Injury Rehabilitation program is for anyone who has a lingering injury or pain that they have been unable to recover from. We are here to help. We will correct any imbalances you may have & build back your strength. All sessions are directed to ensure optimal recovery in a safe and efficient manner.

Weight Loss

Embarking on a weight loss journey is tough, but you're not alone. Our team provides unwavering support, creating a tailored nutrition and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle. We emphasize achievable, sustainable, and enjoyable methods, ensuring lasting results. Say goodbye to restrictive diets and hidden secrets

Strength Training

At JAX Fitness & Rehab, strength training is our core focus. Whether you aim to lose weight, gain muscle, or enhance athletic performance, our certified coach tailors programs for your goals. We prioritize safety and effectiveness, guiding you to success. Join us for personalized, goal-driven training today!

Nutritional Coach

We understand that executing the nutritional demands of reaching your goal can be tricky work if you are working full time & have limited spare time. That's where our certified nutrition coach can help deliver a sustainable, effective nutrition plan tailored specifically to your lifestyle & fitness goals.

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Jack is extremely talented - and I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a personal trainer. He creates engaging work out plans, gears them all around recommendations and treatment plans from my Physio. Even when the motivation is low, he keeps you captivated. All around great guy! Go see him!

Balina Bath

I am not an athletic person by any means, but as a recreational runner, I had a goal of completing a marathon. I have also never had a personal trainer before, but I wanted to make sure that I would stay injury-free as I increased my running volume. Jack worked with me for my whole marathon training cycle, and I felt very safe and confident in his expertise. He pushed me to develop my strength and endurance in our sessions, while being very mindful of any weaknesses or pain/overwork of my body as my training progressed. He was also very encouraging and patient, and always made sure that I would perform the workouts correctly. I kept seeing improvements in my strength and fitness, and ultimately, I did complete my marathon comfortably and injury-free, and I do credit so much of that to the program that Jack had developed for me.


Jack is a fantastic trainer!!! I've been training with Jack for three months. I can obviously feel myself getting stronger, fitter and healthier. Workout used to be a stressful thing for me, and I also had lower back pain. So it's difficult for me to exercise on a consistent basis. But after I started to train here, except for the weekly personal training, Jack also helps to plan the home gym workouts according to your requests, which frees me from overthinking what kind of workout I need to do. The fitness improvements also give me more motivation to keep going to the gym.

It's definitely a fun environment for people to get training. I feel more comfortable to train here than in huge gyms. You only need to focus on yourself.

Really appreciate it~ Highly recommended!

Renwei Zheng

I've been training with Jack weekly for several months now and have had nothing but a positive experience!

I had a lot of nervousness going into training in general as a queer/trans person recovering from top surgery, but Jack's program has been super affirming and helpful in rebuilding my strength from surgery. I started from basically level zero, and have seen measurable progress (and can do so many pushups now!). He's really good at pushing and motivating, as well as setting up an intuitive plan for outside of sessions. This is the first time in my adult life I've consistently worked out, and felt good doing it. That's so exciting!

The space is comfortable, easy to get to and has a shiny new cable/weight machine. Definitely recommend!

Mel Woods

Very personal and effective, feels almost like a personal trainer.

I loved the workout and the small class size. I like that the focus was on proper form while getting a full body workout. Thank you so much Anna!

Anna Kim

Tom is great at focusing on proper forms using proper weights to train a full range of muscles! There were only two people today so it was almost like a personal training session. It's a really friendly and positive vibe!

This was a great strength workout! Small class size with friendly and helpful coaching, I'll be back.

Tom was extremely welcoming, kind and knowledgeable for my first session at this studio. He demonstrated every exercise, gave feedback on how to adjust my form, and shared helpful tips and information - all the while, providing a ton of encouragement! The studio is well- equipped and clean with friendly staff. I'd highly recommend to anyone!

Another great session with Tom!

Tom was excellent! Knowledgeable and personable, thank you for the training session today! highly recommend!

Tom is an awesome trainer! He was really knowledgeable and very proactive in correcting form, which is much appreciated. Highly recommend Tom's classes.

Tom Ferguson

I enjoyed that there was a 4 person max, making the workout more personalized and laid back. The equipment and space were top notch, complemented by an attentive instructor. Great for all levels.

Great class and workout. It is currently the day after my workout and I can feel the burn! Will be

back to continue growing these glute.

Friendly and knowledgeable. The class was small, so it felt like personal training! I would absolutely go again.

Great class! Jack was very attentive and helpful with getting the right form and weight. I have minimal experience with strength training and wanted somewhere that could help me with the basics, and this was definitely it! Highly recommend.

Phenomenal instructor. Great attention to form. Smaller class allows the instructor to focus on

individual needs. Excellent strength workout. I highly recommend.

Great workout! Not too intense/fast paced and great for people who want to ease into weight lifting.

Tom was amazing, it's like having a personal training session!

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1160 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E8, Canada


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1160 Burrard St #508, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E8

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