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You give us a stronger meaning in our lives as a personal trainer, and we are forever grateful. We want to express our deepest gratitude for choosing us as your partners in your fitness journey. Every day, your dedication and enthusiasm inspire us as personal trainers. Your trust in us to guide you towards your fitness goals gives our work a stronger purpose and meaning. We are honored to be a part of your achievements, and we look forward to continuing to support and empower you on your path to wellness. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your fitness story.



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Jack is a fantastic trainer!!! I've been training with Jack for three months. I can obviously feel myself getting stronger, fitter and healthier. Workout used to be a stressful thing for me, and I also had lower back pain. So it's difficult for me to exercise on a consistent basis. But after I started to train here, except for the weekly personal training, Jack also helps to plan the home gym workouts according to your requests, which frees me from overthinking what kind of workout I need to do. The fitness improvements also give me more motivation to keep going to the gym. It's definitely a fun environment for people to get training. I feel more comfortable to train here than in huge gyms. You only need to focus on yourself. Really appreciate it~ Highly recommended!


Since January, I have been training with Masi. Previously, I only used to run and had never been to the gym or done any lifting. However, due to my job requiring me to sit for long periods, I began experiencing lower back and neck pain. One of my coworkers introduced me to Masi, and since then, her well-designed exercises have helped me strengthen my core and glutes, allowing me to overcome the pain. Moreover, since I enjoy doing cardio, Masi has incorporated high-intensity interval training with weights to not only increase my heart rate but also strengthen my muscles.

Alex Cueva

I've had lower back pain due to working in the construction industry for 15+ years. I've tried various things to help my pain. I stretch regularly, and do yoga - but nothing has helped.

Jack's given me exercises that helped beyond belief. His knowledge of the human body is amazing 👏 I highly recommend this guy! He's also easy going, and explains things in such an an easy manner.

Thanks Jack!

Jack Coleman

Jack is awesome!! Incredibly knowledgeable and well certified with an eye for detail.

He makes you feel comfortable and at ease with his non judgmental and down to earth demeanour. And he spends the time getting to know you and your goals. He’s a great motivator and understands exactly what you want.

I came in for posture related pain from work! After the first session I felt immediate relief in my neck from strengthening the right muscles in my back.

Looking forward to staying on track with Jack and crushing some major goals in 2021.

Chantel Dickson

Jack is a fun, positive, and encouraging trainer. He created a strength and mobility focused plan that fit my schedule, budget, enabled me to go at my own pace, and more importantly -- aided my recovery from chronic shoulder and neck pain.

He has recently moved into a new, spacious, fully-equipped private studio that is a safe space perfect for those at the beginning of their journey or looking to gain confidence.

Don't be afraid to give him a call.

Timothy John

've been going to see Jack for about 1yr now. I had a work injury (neck and sholder) and my physiotherapist suggested I get a personal trainer. Jack is excellent, he is very knowledgeable and patient, but also a great motivator. He customizes my workouts and I'm not scared of getting injured with him. You get access to trainerize app where he gives you at home workouts and can monitor your progress. I feel stronger and enjoy going to see him every week. You can bring your own music, and everything is very clean.

Cinthia Gomez

Jack is an awesome personal trainer. Over the past 6 months, he has customized a strength training plan for me that pushes my limits weekly. His private studio is clean and equipped with all the equipment I need to challenge myself. Love the hip thrust machine for the best glute workout!

He is also personable and a great motivator. His enthusiasm and custom 1 to 1 style have kept me on track to be the fittest and strongest I've ever been.

Tina N

Jack is an amazing motivator and trainer. He keeps you committed to your goals so you can see results faster. My body has already drastically transformed with Postiga Fitness’ training program over the last six months online and in person. Every week I feel stronger, more toned and with higher overall energy. Jack knows how to design varied workouts that are specific to your body type and areas of concerns.

I really appreciate Jack’s accumulation of knowledge on the body and nutrition to create his plans. He always aims to make the space and sessions as comfortable and efficient as possible.

I’ve been so happy to be able to keep up my training at Jack’s gym in the West End, knowing he always makes the effort to keep everything clean and optimized to make you feel safe and ready to have a fun, hard workout.

Nani Gonzalez

Loved working with Jack! He put together an excellent plan that really catered to my needs and what I have available at my own home gym. Super flexible and a great trainer. Highly recommend for any fitness level!

Andrew MacDonald-Smith

I've been working out with Jack for the last 3 months and I have really noticed huge difference in my body. I have achieved my fitness targets which I don't think would ever be possible to achieve on my own. He created a targeted and efficient strength training plan to achieve my goals that fit my schedule and budget.

I have definition now and feel so much more confident after training with Jack. He has a clear passion and he understands how to push and motivate you and to bring out your best self. Constant check-ins through mobile apps keeps you accountable to achieve your goals and his adaptations of the exercises will only help you progress without injuring yourself. I could not be happier and would highly recommend Jack to anyone serious about changing their lifestyle and image, he will not let you down!

Dogu Taskiran

Jack is such a fantastic trainer, not only is he professional and experienced but he is also motivating and encouraging which is what really helps me most. I told Jack what I was looking to achieve and he tailored a plan personally for me which I could access and track in his app. I really struggle to stick to a fitness program and I have never managed to see real results until I started with Jack. Couldn't recommend him more! He also has a private studio so there is no waiting around for equipment in gyms.

Barber Prosthetics

I’ve been training with Jack for about 5 months now and I am really enjoying it. Jack is knowledgeable, professional, and both easy and fun to train with. Each week we push the limits just enough and I’ve seen great results in both my strength and self-confidence when it comes to lifting heavy weights. He keeps track of everything in an app so he always lets me know when I’m hitting a “Personal Best.” If you’re looking for a trainer, I definitely recommend working out with Jack!


After experiencing awful and seemingly never ending lower back/si pain through the course of the pandemic (which left me feeling nothing like myself, wondering if I’d ever feel normal again), I started training with with Jack! He tailored a plan for me that's helped me to not only gain strength, stability, and mobility after my injury, but has also helped me understand and appreciate overall strength training. Jack is absolutely fantastic, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and super pleasant to train with. I feel stronger, healthier and definitely happier! It's the days that I forget I ever had pain at all that I couldn't be more grateful for having such an amazing trainer!

Briana Louren

I wish I had signed up for Jack’s personal training sessions long time ago. The focus, experience, professionalism and enjoyment whilst training and developing new skills have been amazing. Jack and Postiga Fitness have opened up a new chapter in my approach to health and well-being. Amazing!

Liezl Van Wyk

Semi-Private Personal Training

Jack is extremely talented - and I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a personal trainer. He creates engaging work out plans, gears them all around recommendations and treatment plans from my Physio. Even when the motivation is low, he keeps you captivated. All around great guy! Go see him!

Balina Bath

I am not an athletic person by any means, but as a recreational runner, I had a goal of completing a marathon. I have also never had a personal trainer before, but I wanted to make sure that I would stay injury-free as I increased my running volume. Jack worked with me for my whole marathon training cycle, and I felt very safe and confident in his expertise. He pushed me to develop my strength and endurance in our sessions, while being very mindful of any weaknesses or pain/overwork of my body as my training progressed. He was also very encouraging and patient, and always made sure that I would perform the workouts correctly. I kept seeing improvements in my strength and fitness, and ultimately, I did complete my marathon comfortably and injury-free, and I do credit so much of that to the program that Jack had developed for me.


Jack was great in setting up a program that helped speed my recovery out of a small injury, and I came out of it better off than I was pre-injury.

Great communication in listening and helping to adapt overall strength and stability training around the limitations of my injury.

If you're reading this, check out JAX Fitness & Rehab!!

Ryan Premack

Active Rehabilitation Client

Jack was recommended to me by a friend and have been very pleased training with him for the last several months! He was very receptive to my ankle injury and helped me build confidence in using strength training as part of my recovery. Jack has been a great resource for consistency and is incredibly genuine. I appreciate his ability to continuously modify work out plans and build on my performance to help me reach my goals! Highly recommend!

Vivian Liu

Happy Private Personal Training Client

I have been training with Jack for the past 6 months and I can’t say enough good things! He helped me get back into the swing of things post covid and got me really excited to be back in the gym and working on my strength. I am a nurse and work on my feet all day, causing my back, neck and shoulders to constantly be sore. Jack has tailored my workouts to help strengthen my upper body and back and it has made a tremendous improvement in how I feel after my shifts. He has also helped to restrengthen my lower body, ensuring to keep everything balanced. He makes sure all my workouts are challenging and ensures to change programs often to keep things interesting! Jack is knowledgeable, motivating, and fun to workout with. I always look forward to all my sessions, I cannot recommend him enough!

Kalena Connors

Happy Active Rehabilitation Client

I started training with JAX Fitness & Rehab in November 2019 and have loved my experience so far! After taking a long break from fitness I really needed the extra help to get back on track and kept accountable without the drill sergeant bootcamp approach I had experienced other places. JAX fitness & Rehab provided me just that - awesome effective workouts that propelled me to reach my goals and still let me experience my everyday life. Even with this quarantine my workouts were quickly pivoted online to complete them at home so I never fell off track. So far I have lost 37 pounds, I am in the best shape of my life and most importantly have really enjoyed the journey getting to this new sustainable lifestyle. Jack, you really are the best!

Adrienne Munday RMT

Happy Private Personal Training Client

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